Thursday, March 24, 2011

The client - server model

At GNIF, we discussed an interesting analogy during lunch. This was about the model of women and men's relationships: this is pretty much like the client and server model.
Woman requests / Man responses.
Woman posts / Man executes.
There is no real solution for the man to be at any initiative ;) He is simply acting as slave.

And we can come to the conclusion that the same behavior exists in a couple as in the Internet:
Woman requests something very difficult / Man reponses that is not authorized
Woman posts credentials / Man verifies credentials (...hummm)
Woman requests something very difficult / Man reponses OK
Woman floods with too much requests / Man denies service
Or even:
Naive woman requests / Man responses with hidden iframe
Naive woman gets her javascript engine exploited

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Twitter effect

Once we were an unknown blog, posting stuff that will make our friends laught. Nobody cared, and it was good.
One day, because of an unfortunate random google hit, we were spotted by powerful twitters. And our peace was gone.

Fuck twitter ;-)